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Free agents

Yelena   /   Analysis and Comment   /   03 September 2017

Companies are increasingly hiring in-house staff for their language requirements, says Yelena McCafferty - but freelancers can still find work if they look for it.

Unison Scotland: Survey of NHS interpreters

Unison Scotland   /   Analysis and Comment   /   26 July 2017

Unison's survey of interpreters working in NHS Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) found that they feel unsupported and at risk when carryout their duties

Lexicon of a leader

Yelena   /   Analysis and Comment   /   01 May 2017

What challenges does the Language of Donald Trump pose for translators and interpreters?

Can we survive the dangers of the public sector language gap?

The London Economic   /   Analysis and Comment   /   25 April 2017

Police and court services, medical care and the NHS, housing provision and local government administration are all vital resources, but some UK residents are being excluded from this support because of the language they speak

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