Analysis and Comment

Lexicon of a leader

Yelena   /   Analysis and Comment   /   01 May 2017

What challenges does the Language of Donald Trump pose for translators and interpreters?

Can we survive the dangers of the public sector language gap?

The London Economic   /   Analysis and Comment   /   25 April 2017

Police and court services, medical care and the NHS, housing provision and local government administration are all vital resources, but some UK residents are being excluded from this support because of the language they speak

Over 2,000 Creditors File Claims Against Bankrupt Pearl Linguistics

Eden Estopace (SLATOR)   /   Analysis and Comment   /   18 April 2017

Over 2,000 creditors of Pearl Linguistics, the London-based Language Service Provider (LSP) that declared bankruptcy on March 3, 2017, have filed claims with the company’s liquidator, accounting giant PwC

The role of interpreter is lost in translation

Guardian Letters   /   Analysis and Comment   /   11 April 2017

Comment from the Languages section of the Guardian detailing differences between translators and interpreters

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