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Private Eye   /   Analysis and Comment   /   05 December 2020

The Home Office's piecemeal and ineffective approach to foreign language interpreting and translation means immigration and border staff having to muddle through potentially life-changing interviews with non-English speakers by relying on inappropriate interpreters, Google Translate or attempts "to scrape by in English", say watchdogs.

'Do you speak basic English?': Pakistani man from Worcester challenged in court

Worcester News   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   27 September 2020

A Pakistani man who 'threatened violence' was challenged by a magistrate about whether he needed an interpreter as he was asked if he understood 'basic English'.

Stereo interpreters

Daily Telegraph   /   Letters   /   10 September 2020

SIR – Your report on the costs of providing interpreters (September 1) reminds me of the time I was chairing a domestic violence case in Newbury magistrates’ court between a married couple from Slough.

Daily Telegraph letter

Robin Humphrey   /   Letters   /   05 September 2020

Dear Editor,

On 31st August 2020 you published an article by Sophie Barnes the title of which was “Translation work for foreign crime suspects costs UK £450,000 a week” and its first paragraph read “Government officials have spent £450,000 a week on language experts to provide translation services to foreign-speaking criminals and people caught up in the UK’s legal system.”

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