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Rape Crisis England and Wales   /   Police Interpreting Reports   /   20 April 2023

Women from marginalised communities who go to the police for help after experiencing rape or other forms of gendered violence are being denied access to interpreters and translators, given documents they can't read and even told that the police can't do anything to protect them from their perpetrator.

Only two interpreters in the country - and neither of them in Oxford

Oxford Mail   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   29 October 2022

A defendant’s pleas to allegations of child rape could not be taken – as there were only two interpreters in the UK able to speak his native tongue and neither were free to attend Oxford Crown Court.

Difficulties sourcing Kurdish interpreter among reasons for adjourning trials

Oxford Mail   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   26 October 2022

A series of trials were adjourned due to lack of available court space or, in one case, difficulties sourcing a qualified interpreter.

Ministry of Justice spent £21.3 million on interpreters last year

Daily Mail   /   News   /   17 October 2022

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) spent £21.3 million on translators in the last year alone.
The interpreters are used for suspected criminals, victims and crime witnesses. 
A record £1.2 m was spent on providing bilingual staff on Albanian suspects.

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