HMCTS Interpreting Reports

Teen-aged son interpreting at hearing dismissed

The Reading Chronicle   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   06 November 2017

The hearing was adjourned when the council solicitor recommended the meeting be rearranged to allow for a proper interpreter to be drafted in.

Delay in case of man accused of rape on Exeter's Cathedral Green

Express and Echo   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   09 September 2016

The case of a man who is accused of raping a woman on Cathedral Green in Exeter has been adjourned to he can be helped by a Italian interpreter

Foleshill rape trial: Judge orders re-trial after interpreter mistranslates evidence

Coventry Telegraph   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   02 August 2016

The jury has been discharged after hearing a week's worth of evidence at Coventry Crown Court.

Change of plea in Guildford sex assault case after interpreter error

Get Surrey   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   28 June 2016

James Bloomer, defending, said his client had mistakenly admitted the alleged offence two weeks ago because he was unable to understand his Indonesian interpreter

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