HMCTS Interpreting Reports

Norfolk murder case adjourned as no interpreter in court

Eastern Daily Press   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   09 September 2022

The case of a man accused of murdering his wife has been adjourned as there was no interpreter to translate proceedings for him.

No interpreter means lawyer forced to use Google Translate

Oxford Mail   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   21 August 2022

An advocate said he had battled to communicate with his cannabis farmer-accused client using Google Translate – as no interpreter was available.

Case postponed twice because court didn’t organise Spanish interpreter

Southwark News   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   18 August 2022

An officer at South London Magistrates Courts said: “I am unable to give you a specific reason as to why an interpreter wasn’t arranged on both occasions but more often than not we book them but the agency that we use are unable to provide.”

Court forced to use Google app in place of absent translator

East Anglian Daily Times   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   12 November 2021

An Ipswich court was forced to use a translation app to communicate with a defendant who speaks limited English after an interpreter failed to attend his sentencing hearing.

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