The Inns of Court College of Advocacy, ICCA (formerly the ATC) has launched of a suite of training materials which focusses on foreign languages in court and the effective use of interpreters. This research project has been carried out by the ICCA's Research and Development Committee in conjunction with Middlesex and Surrey Universities and funded by The Legal Education Foundation (LEF). 

A series of training films have been created to demonstrate good practice and the pitfalls of poor practice when working with interpreters, along with three additional short clips to explain the most common problems encountered by advocates. Please find them below.


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police interpreter suppliers

Q: My grandson established a translation service, specialising in Portuguese and Spanish, three years ago and recently gained an accolade for his work. Some of his early customers offer him business which is not sufficiently profitable but, because they helped him to establish the business, he is reluctant to either refuse their custom or ask for increased and profitable rates of pay.

Other more profitable translation work, more demanding of his skills, still commands rates of pay below that which he feels he should have. Yet he is reluctant to increase his charges to these clients for fear of losing the business.

What words of advice do you have towards his goal of expansion and increased profitability, please?

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Just as you thought the court interpreting contract was delivering savings... Two unrelated reports from independent sources (a solicitor and a court reporter) resurface:


Case study

But a spokesman for the MOJ said in January: “Since we introduced a new interpreting contract in 2012 we have spent £38 million less on language service fees than was projected to be spent under the previous arrangements.”

A case study at its best...

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Whoever thought public service interpreting was easy or trivial...

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