Opinions and Concerns

Brooke Townsley: Re: Plenty of Creativity at the Hearings

btownsley   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   04 November 2012

'I pointed out to ALS on a number of occasions during the delivery of contract that there was no logic in quality checking interpreters who had recently passed their DPSI'

Public Service Interpreting: are we going round in circles?

Taj Sher   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   11 October 2012

For all the negativity of the NAO report; it states that ALS/ CAPITA have improved. But have they?

A welcome opinion

Bradford Telegraph and Argus - Readers' Letters   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   03 April 2012

'Hats off to Judge Durham Hall for having the courage to state the obvious, which is that the new Ministry of Justice framework for supplying court interpreters through a private monopoly contractor is a complete disaster, and that the old system “worked perfectly well'

Has ALS Registered you without your Consent?

marta327   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   27 February 2012

I have just found out Applied Language Solutions has an online profile on me even though I never registered with them or given my consent to use my data on their systems

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