Analysis and Comment

Mapped: Police Interpreter Suppliers in England

Linguist Lounge   /   Analysis and Comment   /   01 October 2017

Interpreter suppliers by police force in England 

Free agents

Yelena   /   Analysis and Comment   /   03 September 2017

Companies are increasingly hiring in-house staff for their language requirements, says Yelena McCafferty - but freelancers can still find work if they look for it.

Unison Scotland: Survey of NHS interpreters

Unison Scotland   /   Analysis and Comment   /   26 July 2017

Unison's survey of interpreters working in NHS Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) found that they feel unsupported and at risk when carryout their duties

Lexicon of a leader

Yelena   /   Analysis and Comment   /   01 May 2017

What challenges does the Language of Donald Trump pose for translators and interpreters?

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