How much has been spent on translators at Taunton Crown Court and Taunton Magistrates' Court

Somerset County Gazette   /   News   /   31 August 2017

More than £50,000 was spent on translators across two courts of law in Taunton over the last two years

Alleged sex attacker 'who groped six women in the same underpass' has his case adjourned after telling the court: ‘No speak English’

Daily Mail   /   News   /   16 August 2017

Mr Alkhabbaz's case had to be adjourned because an Arabic interpreter hadn’t been booked

Blame game begins as Google Translate stands in for court interpreter

The Law Society Gazette   /   News   /   11 August 2017

A blame game has begun over who should provide translation services after a barrister was forced to step in and download a translation app when a defendant unable to speak English was left without an interpreter at a court hearing

Patient waits 20 hours in A&E due to lack of interpreter

Express & Star   /   News   /   22 June 2017

A hospital boss has apologised after a vulnerable patient was kept waiting 20 hours because there was no access to an interpreter

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