Roma victims of crime in Glasgow 'struggle to gain justice'

Evening Times   /   News   /   15 October 2019

MORE must be done to help Glasgow's Roma community access justice, a leading prosecutor has said.

Police interpreter was in pay of Vietnamese drugs gang

The Sunday Times   /   News   /   22 September 2019

Police have issued an alert after an interpreter who worked in the justice system for 16 years was found to be in the pay of a drugs gang.

Kim Tran, 49, was exposed as she helped detectives after the arrest of a Vietnamese gang last year.

Preston Crown Court interpreter convicted of conspiring to pervert the course of justice

Lincoln House Chambers   /   News   /   21 September 2019

Following a seven – day trial at Burnley Crown Court, Kim Tran a court-appointed translator, was convicted of conspiring to produce a forged birth certificate which was handed to HHJ Beverley Lunt at a hearing at Preston Crown Court in April 2018.

Essex man skips bail after interpreter 'not available'

BBC News   /   News   /   21 September 2019

A man has gone missing after being released from court because an interpreter could not be found.

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