How a lack of translators is harming patients in Wales, according to Senedd report

ITV   /   News   /   15 March 2024

The report by the Equality and Social Justice Committee said mistakes and misdiagnoses often occurred due to the "wholly inappropriate use of family members as interpreters in medical settings rather than trained professionals" and failing to provide adequate interpretation in a medical situation was a "potential breach of their human rights".

Wales: Language barriers can cause medical harm - report

BBC News   /   News   /   15 March 2024

A woman who went to her GP with a urinary tract infection (UTI) missed the chance to catch her cancer early because she relied on her son to translate.

Nottingham: New mums report racism in hospitals, says maternity lead

BBC News   /   News   /   29 February 2024

Roma women have told the review they are often given male interpreters, a culturally-insensitive practice, they say, while the hospitals' "safe sleeping" guidance for new mothers is only provided in English.

Legal action launched against translation firm providing services for the police and Somerset Council

Wellington Today   /   News   /   11 January 2024

At present, translators working for DA Languages, are treated as self-employed contractors, but Leigh Day, a legal firm acting on their behalf, is arguing they should be classed as employees and afforded the appropriate rights which accompany employment.

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