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Court interpreters offered olive branch over booking system woes

Law Society Gazette   /   News   /   11 July 2024

The language services company contracted to provide courtroom services offered an olive branch to interpreters this week after receiving a long list of grievances over its new booking system.

Court interpreter supplier faces group action over employment rights

Law Society Gazette   /   News   /   27 June 2024

The language services company contracted to provide courtroom services faces a fresh headache after it emerged that interpreters and translators are joining forces to potentially bring a group claim over employment rights.

Court interpreters raise grievances over new booking system

Law Society Gazette   /   News   /   21 June 2024

Court interpreters have raised a long list of grievances with language services contractor thebigword after claiming a new booking system has made their lives difficult.

According to the document, seen by the Gazette, once a job is accepted it disappears from the app, leaving interpreters without access to critical information. Interpreters often find themselves in court without a timesheet, reference number, or knowing where they need to go. A ‘confusing’ interface makes it difficult to distinguish between booked jobs and offers.

Courtwatchers expose a 'wild west'

Law Society Gazette   /   HMCTS Interpreting Reports   /   28 May 2024

A mass court observation project which sat in on more than 1,100 hearings has reported that more than a fifth of hearings (230) involved a defendant for whom English was not a first language. An interpreter was not provided in 104 of those cases. Defendants who needed interpreters were ‘some of the worst served by the court’, the report said.

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