Police Interpreting Reports

Capita TI unable to provide interpreter

RN   /   Police Interpreting Reports   /   03 December 2015

'To say that the police (sergeants and PCs) were singularly unimpressed by Capita TI would be an understatement'

West Midlands Police calling RPSIs

RN   /   Police Interpreting Reports   /   09 February 2014

First direct call from West Midlands Police 'in ages'

Who will know if there is an issue with interpreting quality?

Annoyed   /   Police Interpreting Reports   /   31 January 2014

'Who will know if there is an issue? An English speaking officer or a non-English speaking suspect or a witness?'

How qualified are Capita's police interpreters?

Richard Lacey   /   Police Interpreting Reports   /   09 January 2014

'When I arrived I was told by the custody officer that ALS/Capita had called at 9.20 to say the interpreter was no longer available and they wouldn't be able to supply one until 7 this evening'

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